New Product! Hair Isle U-Part ‘N Go Wigs

July 25th, 2013

We’re excited to introduce our latest product: Hair Isle U-Part ‘N Go™ U-Part Wigs!

Our U-Part ‘N Go™ collection is our line of “U-Part” wigs made with our signature hair.

For more information on U-Part wigs, please visit the following page:

We currently have 2 textures available – Virgin Wavy/Curly and Relaxed Texture (as shown below):

Hair Isle Virgin Wavy/Curly U-Part 'N Go™ U-Part Wig

Hair Isle Relaxed Texture U-Part 'N Go™ U-Part Wig

For a limited time only, our U-Part ‘N Go™ wigs will be on sale at an introductory price of 20% off the regular price, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity soon!

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September 18th, 2012

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Free Priority Shipping!

August 15th, 2011

Receive Free USPS Priority Shipping on your Weft Extension order!*

To receive Free Shipping, please contact us before placing your order.

*Excludes wefts in the “Less Than Perfect” and “Clearance” Categories.  Restrictions apply.

Economy Collection vs. First Class Collection

May 2nd, 2011

We’re frequently asked for more information regarding these product lines.

We currently offer two lines of weft extensions:  The Economy Collection and the First Class Collection.

The Economy Collection

The Economy Collection is our low density line of weft extensions and is the less expensive of the two lines.
In the Economy Collection, the hair density of the wefts is relatively low. Also, this line consists of only one type of weft base: Micro-Thin. Because of the design, the wefts must be sewn in a particular fashion to achieve more fullness. Despite this, the end result is a very natural looking weave that will never be too full or “look like a weave”.

This line is an option for those who find the First Class Collection pricey but want a similar end result. Although the finished result is not as full as a First Class Collection weave, it is very close and provides for a very natural weave with the same high quality hair but at a lower cost.

The First Class Collection

The First Class Collection is our medium density line of weft extensions and is the more expensive of the two lines. In the First Class Collection, the hair density of the wefts is approximately 50% more dense than those of the Economy Collection. Also, this line consists of two types of weft bases: Thin and Micro-Thin.

The Thin weft base is approximately double the thickness of the Micro-Thin weft base.
The Micro-Thin weft base is an extremely thin weft base. As explained above, because of the design, this type of weft must be sewn in a particular way to achieve more fullness.

This line is an option for those who want a fuller look than what an Economy Collection weave provides, but still want a look as natural as an Economy Collection weave.

Although there are differences between the two lines, both lines consist of the same high quality hair and both lines consist of both Processed and Unprocessed hair.
To summarize the two lines and facilitate your shopping experience, please refer to the handy Table below:

  Economy Collection First Class Collection
Weft Base Micro-Thin Only Micro-Thin & Thin
Hair Density Low Density Medium Density
Price Comparison Least Expensive Most Expensive
Hair Quality Remy Human Hair (Cuticle Aligned) Remy Human Hair (Cuticle Aligned)
Available Hair Types Processed/Unprocessed Processed/Unprocessed
Hair Origin Indian Indian

Lace Wigs aren’t for Everyone…

April 16th, 2011

As great the recent phenomenon of lace wigs has been for the average woman in terms of hair styling options and versatility, they aren’t for everyone.  Despite their benefits and realistic nature; the maintenance, application and cleaning process of lace wigs may be daunting and time consuming for a lot of women especially if you are low maintenance.

For the low maintenance woman, there are other alternatives available if lace wigs just aren’t for you.

Have you considered weft extensions?

Maybe you’ve tried weft extensions in the past, but didn’t like the end result.

Was your sew-in weave too bulky and unnatural looking for your taste?
…Or did the hair seem to tangle and mat with every turn of your head?
Did the hair appear stiff and manufactured?
…Or did going swimming mean the end of your weave?
Did shampooing your hair result in a tangled or dry weave lacking its original luster, shine, and manageability?
Have you worn beauty supply store hair and couldn’t leave the house without combing your weave every 5 minutes?

If this has been your experience with weaves, do not despair – now there is hope.

Gone are the days when low quality extensions were the only option available for the average woman. 
Now there are high quality, human hair extensions available.

Although they aren’t inexpensive, they are worth the cost and will provide you with a more positive experience, lower maintenance and a more natural look than before.

Have you wondered why some celebrities’ hair always appears so realistic even though you know it’s not their natural hair?

Or wondered why their hair didn’t look like it required as much maintenance as your beauty supply store weave? 

It’s because the celebrities use high quality, Remy, human hair extensions, usually of Indian origin – not beauty supply store extensions.  Because this is real human hair, not human hair mixed with synthetic materials, it behaves like human hair and doesn’t have the significant tangling or styling limitations associated with typical beauty supply store hair.  It is also high quality hair – meaning it is cuticle aligned, and hasn’t been significantly chemically processed or altered from its original state.  For the low maintenance, woman on the go who doesn’t want to be bothered with adhesives, lace wig cleanings and applications – but wants realistic high quality extensions – high quality, Remy human hair weft extensions are a great option!