About Us

Hair Isle™ is a hair product company established to provide fine quality human hair products such as Remy human hair extensions, women's lace wigs, and accessories.

At Hair Isle, we specialize in Remy human hair, and only provide this type of hair for our extensions and wigs.  Remy human hair is one of the finest types of hair on the market.  This is not the hair found in your typical beauty supply store, although many of these stores provide hair claiming to be Remy human hair.  Genuine Remy hair is hair in which the cuticles of each hair strand face the same direction to minimize tangling.  Remy hair can either be unprocessed (virgin hair) or minimally processed with dye and/or acidic chemicals to remove the cuticles on any hair strands that may not be facing the same direction.  Minimally processed Remy hair hardly tangles or mats and can be washed many times without losing its original softness and luster.  Non-Remy hair is hair in which the cuticles of each hair strand face different directions.  Non-Remy hair is subject to extreme tangling and is the type of hair commonly found in your typical beauty supply store.  It is highly processed hair in which the cuticles are semi or completely removed via an extensive acid treatment and coated with silicone to restore shine lost through the chemical process.  Once non-Remy hair is washed several times, the protective silicone layer wears off leaving you with dry, dull hair that is prone to excessive tangling and matting.

Non-Remy hair is intended for a temporary style lasting for a couple of weeks, but for a style intended to last several weeks to months, it can be a problem.  However, some women do not mind wearing inexpensive, low quality hair because they like to change hair styles often and thus only wear this type of hair temporarily.  If you are the type that would like to wear hair extensions for a longer length of time, then Remy human hair may be appropriate for you.

At Hair Isle we are committed to providing fine quality Remy human hair products and accessories to the woman who refuses to compromise on quality.

We are also committed to providing complete customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. 

We hope that after purchasing and experiencing our products, we become and remain your #1 destination for fine quality human hair products and accessories.